The original Manager John kept the PCH ship afloat for over two years. Since 2013 he's spending most of his time in Vietnam. Teaching English, surfing, and finding the best Pho are his current activities. But we have BIG plans for his return next year.


What do organic produce, law school, and the Army Reserves have in common? He's still trying to figure that out. For now he's working with Reece and the rest of the team to help PCH take care of his greatest love: Seattle families.


Reece used to garden with his mom and go with his dad to their soup plant as a kid. So when PCH needed a manager he jumped at the chance. If he's not at the office you can find him in his backyard at the BBQ, playing soccer, or finding a new cocktail spot with his wife Claire.


Alex graduated from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, and spent a season working at the Tacoma Farmers Market. He's a brand new Seattleite as of November of 2013, and is planning to stay. He enjoys backpacking, snowboarding, listening to and making music, and cooking meals with seasonal veggies. Alex is involved in several different aspects of PCH, from packing and driving to customer service and administration.


Riley Walker just graduated from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma where he studied American Literature and was a DJ at the college radio station. He has aspirations of getting into the radio biz, but right now he is content with just listening to the radio as he delivers fresh, organic goodness to your doors.


Jon grew up gardening and always loved it. When his friends started PCH and needed someone to write for them, it was just the opportunity Jon was looking for. Now he gets to cook and write about the best organic produce. What more could you want!


Louise Croff Blake, the newest member to the team, is yet another graduate of the University of Puget Sound class of 2013. She's an aspiring painter, but also loves to DJ, ride her bicycle, and is fierce in the kitchen. You can spot her on the night shift by her green hair, which she got from eating lots of vegetables. Just kidding! Really, it's just a sign of her affinity with trees.


The defacto office dog, he's in charge of the HR department. Which usually means he can spend most of the day on his favorite activity, napping. When he's not at the office you can find him begging for treats or attacking yard tools, he swears they're evil!


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